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Voilà! It’s her Majesty’s favorite the Dubonnet Cocktail

Voilà! It’s her Majesty’s favorite the Dubonnet Cocktail

Dubonnet is a French fortified wine naturally flavoured with aromatic herbs and spices. This rich sweet drink was first sold in 1846 by Joseph Dubonnet, in an attempt to encourage French Foreign Legionnaires in North Africa to drink bitter Quinine to help combat Malaria.

Dubonnet is also widely known by the French advertisement slogan of the French graphic designer Cassandre "Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet" (a play on words roughly meaning "It's nice; it's good; it's Dubonnet")

The Dubonnet cocktail is designed to showcase your finest gin. Originally an un-garnished cocktail from the 1930s it is now often served with a twist of lemon and sometimes an orange peel.  This drink is a favourite of her Majesty the Queen who likes to enjoy hers with a lemon wedge and two ice cubes...

An appealing drink for those hazy summer days, icy and sweet. This cocktail makes an ideal aperitif. Be sure to serve it at your next dinner party.


50ml Dubonnet Rouge

25ml Gin

1 Dash bitters

1 Twist Lemon Peel



How to mix 

Stir all the ingredients- except the lemon peel with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Add the twist of lemon peel and serve.

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