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Shaken or Stirred? The Vodka Martini-A Timeless Classic

Shaken or Stirred? The Vodka Martini-A Timeless Classic

The Vodka Martini was originally called the Kangaroo and was among the many cocktails that U.S. bartenders created when vodka first found a larger American market in the 1950s.. The famous "three-martini lunch" of days gone by was a little less noticeable with vodka than with an aromatic gin! Cold, clean, crisp and dry, the elegant Martini is a timeless classic. A simple blend of vodka and vermouth has earned this cocktail legendary status all over the world. Inspired by the classic Gin Martini the Vodka Martinis popularity has soared and it’s now the number one choice for those who want a clean, dry martini without the aromatic botanicals of gin.

Ever since Bond ordered his Martini shaken rather than stirred, the debate has raged between Martini purists about the best way to make the drink. There are advantages to both methods, a properly shaken cocktail (a hard shake with lots of ice) will chill a drink down to -15°C in fifteen seconds; to get down to the same temperature by stirring takes twice as long, and depends more on the quality and size of ice. Since cocktails are best enjoyed very cold, shaking has the advantage here. Stirring wins as far as visual appeal goes, the ice will remain relatively intact providing your drink with a jewel like appearance...

An easy classic cocktail to mix up and one that all home bar enthusiasts should try and master. It’s also a perfect way to show off your premium vodka.


50ml Vodka Beluga Noble

5ml Dry Vermouth


Lemon Peel (a twist)  or an Olive to garnish.



How to mix

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice, stir for 30 seconds and pour into a chilled glass.

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