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Dark Storm Cocktail - An update on a Caribbean favourite the Dark and Stormy

Dark Storm Cocktail - An update on a Caribbean favourite the Dark and Stormy

A modern twist on the Dark and Stormy which is big in Bermuda, this one’s made with Venezuelan rum! This easy cocktail is a close cousin to the Moscow Mule with dark rum replacing the vodka and goes down a lot easier than the name might suggest! Smooth Diplomatico Mantuano rum (the dark) combines with spicy ginger beer (the storm) and lime juice to create a tasty and refreshing cocktail with a pleasant kick of citrus.

Despite the name, the Dark and Stormy’s history is rather tame. In 1806, an early member of the Gosling family sailed from England bound for America but the sea was too still so the ship headed for the nearest dock instead, this happened to be in Bermuda. There the Englishman used his family background in spirits to create an aged black rum. Meanwhile on another part of the island British naval officers were brewing up ginger beer as a remedy for seasickness. They combined the two and the Dark and Stormy was born.

An easy cocktail to master and one to enjoy whatever the weather.


50ml Diplomatico Mantuano (Rum)

15ml Lime juice

3 dashes Angostura Bitters

Top up with Ginger Beer


Lime Wedge (garnish)



How to mix

Pour the rum into a highball glass, add the ice and lime juice and top up with ginger beer. Add bitters as a float. Garnish with the lime wedge.

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