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Umami Gin


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Umami Gin is a product in its own universe. The base flavour for this spirit comes from South Italian capers, vacuum-distilled at 45 degrees to capture their tangy, briny flavour.

The gin is then meticulously combined with a selection of other ingredients, including juniper, bergamot, and an infusion of parmesan cheese, which is glutamate-rich (the molecule which is responsible for our tongues ability to taste umami) and provides the savoury sensation on the palate.

The blend is then set to rest in an old cognac barrel for several months to give it roundness and depth of character before being lightly filtered and bottled.

The result is a fresh, lightly savoury gin with an entirely unique flavour profile. Perfect for a dry martini, all savoury cocktails (such as a red snapper), and is stunning with a light tonic water garnished with lemon zest or a sprig of rosemary.