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Sharp’s Toffee Liqueur


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A new liqueur aimed at reviving the story of a true Willy Wonka character, Edward Sharp, who set up his ‘Kreemy Works’ factory at the end of the 19th century right in the heart of Maidstone. By the early 20th century his business has grown so large and coupled with the reputation of exceedingly good toffee, he grew to become the largest manufacturer in the world at the time. Sharp’s Toffee Liqueur is traditionally distilled in a copper pot still using a selection of botanicals and then blended with a secret toffee syrup recipe to create an indulgent and creamy smooth toffee liqueur. We’ve aimed high and want this to be the best toffee liqueur in the world and believe its taste and creaminess to be unrivalled. It’s even vegan friendly!