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Miniature Trio In Red Velvet Bag With Whisky, Vodka, Rum


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Kraken Black Spiced Rum 5cl Miniature

The Kraken is either a sea beast of myth and legend or a strong, rich, black, smooth, spiced rum. This fearsome rum goes great with coke or any mixer and it is just as tasty on its own. Release the Kraken.

Glencadam 15 Year Whisky 5cl Miniature

A miniature bottle of another multi-award-winning single malt from Glencadam. A beautiful and true flavor with balanced sweet and salty notes. Easy to see why this is a great dram.

Crystal Head Skull Vodka 5cl Miniature

Double winner of the San Francisco world spirit competition. Dan Aykroyd's crystal head Vodka is the purest form of vodka going through a quadruple distillation process and then filtered through 500-year-old crystals making the vodka free of any additives.