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Ilegal Reposado Mezcal


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Ilegal Reposado is produced in the Oaxaca region of Mexico from 100% Espadin Agave and using artisinal methods. Desperate for a good Mezcal to stock at his bar, Cafe No Se, John Rexer began smuggling small batch Mezcal from Oaxaca to Guatemala in 2004. With sustainability at its core and a focus on fair trade and authenticity, Ilegal marries this attitude with a traditional, meticulous approach to production. The agaves are cooked in an earthen pit lined with river stones and then crushed with a tahona wheel and naturally fermented. After distillation it is aged for 4 months in American oak casks. These processes help to ensure a perfect balance between the sweet agave flavours from the cooked agave piñas, the smoke from the fire and the vanilla from the oak. Ilegal Reposado is ideal for sipping neat or for cocktails such as a Smoky Margarita.