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Darnley's Gin, Small Batch Scottish Gin - Spiced Gin


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This gin is made with ten botanicals including juniper, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger to create a contemporary gin which is full and rounded. This gin is made in the London Dry style in our 350 litre copper still which we named "Dorothy", after two of our regular visitors and we have a gin tour guide called Dot too! Gin enthusiasts like to tr our Spiced Gin mixed with a good quality ginger ale, ice and a wedge of orange. Or for the adventurous in Bloody Mary instead of vodka. Attractive packaging depicting the gin's spice botanicals makes this the perfect gift for the gin lover - or enjoyed oneself! Darnley's Gin are small batch gin makers in Fife, Scotland who have won over thirty international gin awards since they started in 2010.