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Have you tried the national drink of Cuba- the Cuba Libre?

Have you tried the national drink of Cuba- the Cuba Libre?

The Cuba Libre is a classic Cuban cocktail of rum, cola, lime, and ice.  Its origin is associated with the heavy U.S. presence in Cuba after the Spanish–American War of 1898 when bottled Coca-Cola was first imported into Cuba from the United States.

The name "Cuba libre" translates to free Cuba and was the slogan of the Cuban independence movement. The Cuba Libre is now officially the national drink of Cuba and a celebration of it’s independence.

There’s more to this drink than just cola, rum, and lime; it’s the way you make it and it’s not to be confused with a rum and coke. Its simple recipe and inexpensive, ingredients have made it one of the world's most-popular alcoholic drinks and it has been noted for its historical significance.

Served in a tall glass this is the ultimate refreshing long cocktail, perfect to enjoy with friends on a warm summers day.


30 mls Dark Rum


Coca-Cola top




How to mix

Fill a tall glass with ice cubes.

Add rum.

Rub the cut edge of half a lime around the rim of the glass. Squeeze the juice into the glass.

Fill with Coca-Cola.

Garnish with a lime wedge.


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