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Apricot cocktail recipe - A year-round drink

Apricot cocktail recipe - A year-round drink

A year-round drink: refreshing in summer, warming in winter. The tropical and spicy notes of Amrut Single malt perfectly marry the botanicals in Cocchi Americano, the creaminess of the apricot-infused white balsamic, and the elegance of a few drops of peach bitter. Created by Jon Lister for Whiskeria magazine.


40ml Amrut Single Malt

25ml Cocchi Americano

5ml Apricot-infused white balsamic

1 dash Peach bitters



How to mix

Add all ingredients into a stirring glass, fill with ice and stir until the drink has the correct level of dilution. When ready strain whilst pouring into a pre chilled glass. Garnish.


Lemon thyme
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